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The Egyptian National Focal Point

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation Is the oldest and the most deep-rooted ministry in Egypt. The Ministry undertakes many responsibilities including monitoring all the water resources, rationalization of the use of current water resources, planning and implementation of water resources development projects and development of irrigation in Egypt.

Egypt’s National Focal Point is located in the Information, Documentation and Decision Support System Department (IDDSSD) in the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. The IDDSSD’s main areas of responsibility include improving the quality of communications between the Ministry and its districts to maintain the speed, security and confidentiality of data exchange and to make full use of the available resources by upgrading the Ministry’s information network to support decision making for water supply on the country level.

Egypt was one of the first participants in the EMWIS Initiative and has been taking part in it since 1998. Egypt contributed to all the discussions and ideas that led to the promotion of EMWIS such as introducing the Arabic language. In July 2006 Egypt began the development of its EMWIS website sponsored by the Italian Cooperation.